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The top air purifier choice of FEMA, the Red Cross and hospitals across the country, Austin Air purifiers have proven their effectiveness at removing chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the environment.

Purchase Austin Air purifiers from your Southern Oregon authorized dealer.

Why purchase from us?
As a local authorized dealer, we are able to offer discounts and can get your air purifier to you faster. Also, if you have questions, we are here for you—we are much easier to contact than going through a call tree. If we don’t have the answers we can research and get back to you quickly.

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The Most Popular Models

Healthmate Plus

This model is the best choice for protection against COVID-19 and smoke from wildfires.


This is Austin Air's original air purifier; it takes on the average indoor pollutants.

Allergy Machine

Asthma suffers or anyone with problems with mold will breathe easier with this machine.

Bedroom Machine

This model is designed specifically to help those with sleep-related problems.

Due to high demand and COVID-19, currently the only colors available are black and sandstone.

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Returns Policy

Returns are accepted within 30 days for money back. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

More Information

Did you know you can upgrade your air purifier? Five years down the road, when your filter needs to be replaced, you can purchase a filter for another model instead. For example, you can go from a Healthmate to a Healthmate Plus.

You can register your Austin Air Purifier to take advantage of the 5-year pro-rated warranty.

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