Online Interior Design Services

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While the best option is always for us to see your space, stand next to you as you discuss what isn't working in the room and get to know you in person, we understand sometimes that is just not possible. The reason is not always an ongoing pandemic, but when we are not able to come to you, online interior design services are available.

How Online Interior Design Works

Introductions & Sharing
At the initial stage of the project, we'll be getting to know each other and we'll be learning your likes and dislikes. You will need to share photos and dimensions with us and depending on the project, may also need to send us samples of materials.

Design & Delivery
We use the design platform Ivy where you can ask questions and accept or decline ideas and items. We will create one or more initial concepts for you and using the client portal we will share room and mood boards. For the shopping list, you will have the option to purchase items yourself or we can purchase them for you at a discount. We will deliver final plans and renderings.

Communication Throughout
At Athena Interiors, we feel strongly that to do your project well, we need to get to know you, and if that cannot be done in person, then we will turn to video chats and phone calls. None of our projects will ever be conducted strictly through email or texting. Quotes and images will be emailed to you or will be available through the Ivy platform in Houzz.

What you get:

You will receive the initial concept–we may deliver one or more concepts depending on the project–and after another consultation with you (typically within 14 days), we'll make any changes needed. We'll then deliver the final plans, placement instructions and renderings.

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